Lorraine Thomson
      Visual Artist                                                                                                                                                                           
   London, Ontario
    (519) 858-1163                    

Lorraine has been drawing and painting since she was a child, having always loved the arts. Lorraine currently works
primarily in watercolour and graphite (pencil) although she dabbles in many other areas as well. She will venture periodically
into acrylic, oil, pastel, and coloured pencil as well as continuously in photography.

Graphite amazes her with its simplicity and yet what it can bring out with its subtle shaded areas and bold lines. She loves
drawing anything especially where shading is needed.  She states "I can get into a hypnotic rhythm with the shading -
getting lost in its subtlety."
It is much more controllable (and erasable!) than watercolour and no less fun.

She loved watercolour right away when introduced to it and has progressed through courses and artist retreats.  To learn to
handle watercolour, striving for mastery with its play of being in control and the paint having a mind of its own is an
interesting challenge. She feels she is still learning with every unsuccessful or successful painting she does.

She feels blessed to be following her passion and living her dream, having given up an almost 20 year professional career in
health care. It has been loud and clear for her that she needs to follow her artistic side now. Her goal is to capture an image
or view in a different way. Her inspirations come from nature, sights while going for walks wherever she is, whether near or
far away, and from her travels. Provence has a special place in her heart.