What did you want to be when you grew up? Me? Visual Artist of course.

Hi there! Welcome to my new blog.

So this is the first of many to come I hope. I have been thinking about doing a proper website and blog for years and so have finally done it! I kept thinking that some of the life stuff I was going through, would have been good blog post material and possibly inspiration for others. My biggest  life change was a complete switch in career path after 20 years. I went from a safe, secure but ever-changing profession in health care, through a huge shift to following my dream and childhood career aspiration of being a visual artist. This wasn’t an overnight decision or transition but rather an at times painful, scary, humbling, reflecting, nourishing, and in the end exhilarating set of experiences. Looking back, some things I wish I had done much sooner but for many reasons they were hard decisions at the time.

So in this blog, I will look forward to the artsy things I am up to now after completing an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts at Western University in London, ON, and I will look back to some of my challenges and “ah ha” moments along the way. I clearly remember being at a cross roads in the final year of high school many years ago when it came down to a head or heart decision as to what to do in post-secondary education. I was fortunate to be in a high school that offered many different and wonderful art courses as well as strong sciences (Thanks Markham District High School). I excelled in the arts, taking as many courses as possible and did well in the sciences too. So, do I go along with my parents, my science teachers, guidance counsellors and some others and get “a real job”, and realize that “you can’t make money as an artist”? Or go with my art teachers, some friends and most importantly my heart? Well, if you’ve read this far – you know the answer I initially chose. I always wondered what my life would have turned out like if I had listened to my heart, braved the condemnations of others and followed the path I have always known I wanted to take? Ah, but I believe things happen for a reason so…

Silencing my inner voice, I went off to University to become a nurse. There was some interest in being a nurse as well so I “could help people” but it was never the passion I felt for art. It never transported me to another place.  I could have taken some art courses for the electives during University but purposely stayed clear as I knew once I’d started down that road I would have a hard time stopping. I think creativity can’t really be stifled if it’s in you. So I didn’t take any art courses – no, I learned to knit and made an elaborate cable knit sweater instead! 😉

I will come back to the reasons and ways I eventually came full circle and decided to go back to school to get the Fine Arts Degree I’d always wanted. Somewhere along the way I learned a quote said by Henry Ford “Whether you think you can, or can’t- you’re right” and I believe its true. It may not be a straightforward path but if you want something bad enough and willing to work for it, you can achieve most of what you want. A number of challenging things happened along the way but in 2011, I graduated with my desired Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with distinction and have been sorting out exactly what kind of art I wanted to pursue and how I was going to make a living at it ever since. I am interested in many different mediums as you can see by checking out my brand spanking new website too. www.lorrainethomson.com

One of my many goals around the art career was someday being included in the local London Artists Studio Tour http://londonstudiotour.ca. I have gone on the tour for years but this year I am excited to say I am included! Please check out our website or our Facebook page- London Studio Tour more information and lots of photos. It’s coming up quickly –  April 17, 18 and 19th, 2015!

3 thoughts on “What did you want to be when you grew up? Me? Visual Artist of course.”

  1. Always wondered how you were doing glad you listened to your inner voice! Your artwork is wonderful. If success can be measured by how fulfilled we are then you are one very successful woman. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks so much Bruce! So nice to hear from you. I am so new at this website stuff I didn’t even realize I had comments to reply to! Oops!

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