I am Lorraine Thomson- a visual artist, painter, Certified Zentangle Teacher, and teacher of creative processes who helps adults with getting in touch with their creative side. In our high tech, digital world where everything and everyone seem to be going at faster rates all the time, it’s my mission to help people reconnect to or find their creative side, slow down, listen to their inner musings and allow expression of this so they can find better balance, and create more expression, art, beauty and joy in their lives.

I have a unique background of training in art, facilitation, creative processes and health care so I provide guided, supportive encouragement, and skills to create the artwork or a personalized creative expression which I have found to be helpful in dealing with life’s stressors. Whether working with visual meditation and focused pattern drawing with Zentangle; connecting with emotions and feelings doing non-dominant hand journaling, drawing and painting in the workshops; facilitating others published processes like in the Artist’s Way group or other types of classes and workshops, I love to encourage people to find their own connection to the creativity.  For me, it is critical that I continue to create- it helps my emotional state and helps me process things going on in my life whether good, bad or indifferent. I enjoy drawing, painting, doing mixed media and creating in whatever way I can.

It's tonight! Woohoo!

New Studio Open House and Book Signing!!

Just a quick reminder! I am so excited for my open house tonight! I can hardly stand it! Pinch me! Is this beautiful space really mine? I love it and want to share it with all of you. It’s still 1350 Wharncliffe Road South– just now unit 10 across the lane.

Tonight, Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Doors open at 6 pm, there will be nibbles, some photo ops, and a chance to win some things or purchase things, learn about the Zentangle classes, get the book purchased and signed, think about your dreams, see some art and you’ll have time to relax and hangout a bit and see my great new space etc. You can let me know what other classes or groups or retreats you would like to see happen in the space. (example life drawing or portraits drawing/painting, yoga, meditation etc) 

painting dripping poppies

Non Dominant Hand Workshops


photo of acrylic paints, brushes and tools

Acrylic Painting

purchase Zentangle® Supplies

Now you can purchase your Zentangle® supplies right here. Have them shipped to you before a class or we can arrange a no contact pickup/delievery