Class and Workshop Offerings

Unless otherwise stated, the classes run 2 ½ hours long  and are $40/person.
Classes at other locations priced differently.

image of zentangle tiles

01 – Introduction to Zentangle

– you will learn about the “Zen” in the Zentangle art form and how the simple act of drawing intentional lines one at a time can not only create beautiful patterns but may also lead you to an increased sense of wellbeing.  You will will learn a number of tangles (individual patterns) using official Zentangle® products starting with the traditional white  paper tile and black pen. The fee includes instruction and all the materials a student needs to get started in the form of a mini-kit.

02 – Next Steps in Zentangle

– (01 is a pre-requisite) – this class includes many more tangles and some other ideas of what you can do with your tangled works. Please bring your mini-kit.

03 – Black Z’s

– (01 is a pre-requisite) In this class the student will learn to do Zentangle using a white pen on black tiles shading with white charcoal or stone creating dramatic and beautiful tangles. Some tangles look really interesting reversed from what we usually do.

04 – Zentangle, Renaissance style

– (01 is a pre-requisite)  the student will learn to do Zentangle on a mid-tone tan tile called a Renaissance tile using highlights and lowlights. Some new tangles will be taught as well.

Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA)

2 ½ hrs – $40/person These classes are in other sizes, styles, may be representational, or may include other materials or ways of creating the tangles.

05 – Zendala

– (01 is a pre-requisite) In this class you will learn a few different ways to create Mandalas or round Zentangle and a couple of new tangles on white tiles. Please bring your mini-kit and a compass (dollar store is fine -either drawing or from a math-set)

06 – Bijoux

– (01 is a pre-requisite) working mostly in mono-tangles we will learn more tangles and also a few more decorative things that can be done with the new, small 2 x 2 inch Bijou tiles.

07- BK Zendala

– (01 is a pre-requisite)  – working on black tiles with white pens we will create beautiful Zentangle Mandalas


Other classes

Guest Artists

Judy Feskun, my friend and fellow Certified Zentangle Teacher is also a talented wire jewelry maker. She has been creating unique pieces and teaching others for 17 years, teaching at the Haliburton Centre for the Arts, Southampton Art School, Robert Hall Originals, Tillsonburg Station Arts, Woodstock Art Gallery and some gem shows. She teaches in small classes (8 people) so you get the tools to borrow during the class, supplies are provided and are given lots of individualized attention. You will go home with a finished piece! Can’t wait! She teaches the classes in copper. She is coming from Tillsonburg to do the classes.

November 24, 2018

Wrapped Pendant $30 1 hr








Rainbow/chakra pendant and earrings $60 2 hrs











***Please register and pay as soon as possible because  if there aren’t enough people signed up , the class will have to be cancelled. The way I work refunds are that if I cancel a class you can either have a refund or put it towards another class. If you no show or cancel, you will have paid for your next class, no refund.

I am also available to do a home party setting, or Tea and Tangling or a team stress-relieving workshop. Please contact me to discuss what might work for your group. 

2 Responses to Class and Workshop Offerings

  1. Jane says:

    Good Evening!
    I found your website by way of I would like to inquire if you plan to schedule any classes in the near future. I am located in London.
    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.

    • Administrator says:

      Hi Jane, Sorry it has taken me so long to respond – I am just learning how to do all the things on the website! Yes, I am definitely going to be doing classes – I am just updating the schedule now. the first Intro class will be next Wednesday 130 -4pm. It’s $40 for 2 1/2 hrs and includes all the materials. Please let me know if you are interested. thanks. More classes will be posted as soon as i sort out the dates. Thank you for your interest!

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